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Quantitative Iodine estimation in Iodated salt kit

Kit for Salt Iodine levels in Iodated salt samples for field & plant monitoring. Iodated edible salt has been a choice of preventive vehicle for preventation of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) world over successful implementation of universal salt Iodination (USI) programes requires constant monitoring of iodated salt at manufacturing units, distribution depot as well as at consumed end. While iodine quantity at manufacturing units has been allowed a range of > 30 ppm to 50ppm and at consumer level it is fixed at not <15 ppm . often these limits are either transgressed >50ppm or <30ppm at manufacturing units . This result in either consumers getting salt with less than desirable amount of Iodine that are <15ppm or >50ppm . These aberrations either can lead to either persistent iodine deficiency or thyrotoxicosis in populations consuming so called iodated salt.
The currently in-use salt testing kits (STKs) though extremely easy to use only indicate either presence or absence of iodine.At best they roughly indicate whether salt might contain either <15ppm or> 15ppm levels. This requires an elaborate set us with infrastructure needs like building water electricity glassware & chemicals. We at BioChain incorporated recently developed High performances kit for quantitative iodine estimation in iodated salt. No need of Laboratory & the titration. The kit method follows iodometric titration steps called Titer mimic

Double fortified salt Kit (DFS)

It is estimated that over 35 million babies are born each year without the protection that iodine offers the growing brain, and roughly 18 million are mentally impaired as a result.
We consume iodine in our foods. When plants and animal raised in areas with iodine-deficient soil, the diet for those people will be less healthy, resulting in populations suffering from iodine deficiency disorders (IDD).
Double Fortified Salt delivers small but crucial daily amounts of iodine and iron. Iodine is critical for brain development and iron is critical for mental and physical ability.
Recently we developed a DFS Kit of 50 Tests . In this kit of DFS, the iron and iodine content were measured. Total iron was determined by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry modified for fortified salts . The spectrophotometric method used for determining the iron content of the double fortified salt samples. To ensure the availability of iron within the microcapsules, the soy stearine was first dissolved by hexane or trichloroethylene. Ferrous iron was determined directly, total iron was determined after reduction of all iron to the ferrous form, and finally ferric iron was determined by difference.